Rooms at Johannes Fog Kollegiet

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Room prices

The rent varies from DKK 2550 for the smallest rooms to DKK 4400 for double rooms. For most of the rooms, the rent is DKK 3000, - incl. water, heating, electricity and wifi.

Rooms description

The Residence Hall consists of a two story high building (Rooms 1-62) and two additional annexes (rooms 64-71 and 76-80). There is 74 rooms.

Rooms 1 until 62 (inclusive)

You have one room for yourself. It is approximately 15 m² in size. It has a build in wardrobe mirror cabinet with 1 door, and a sink . Two neighboring rooms share a toilet, a shower cabin and a little entrance hall (e.g. room 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6 and so on).

Each room is furnished with a single-sized bed, a desk, a chair, a desk lamp, a wardrobe. Blankets/duvets and pillows are NOT available. Please bring your own or be prepared to buy these from any of the stores. All rooms have similar type of a single-sized bed, which consists of a big mattress (W: 90 cm / L: 200 cm / H: 31 cm). Please note that there are no mattress pads on the beds!

Annex rooms (rooms 64-71 inclusive)

This part of the dormitory is different from the rest of it. Here 8 rooms share a smaller kitchen. There are three common showers and toilets for everybody.

Some of the rooms are smaller than the rooms in the other part of the dorm and this is reflected in lower rent if this is the case . The rooms do not have sinks. A wardrobe is provided together with the basic inventory of each room(bed, desk, chair, desk lamp and trash bin). You should bring your own duvets, linens/bed sheet and pillows.


Please bring your own sheets, duvet(s), duvet(s) covers, pillow, pillow covers etc.

These and any additional furniture that you might need could be bought from IKEA which is one S bus stop away.

The rooms are given for long term periods (6 or more months) as long as the resident meets the conditions of stay (be active student, pay rent, not have more than 2 general warnings), follows the house rules.